Waste Water Clean Up Continues

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It was a sewage spill of massive proportions that has kept clean up crews hard at work.The four million gallon spill into Carter Creek is being blamed on the massive rainfall the Brazos Valley received last week.

"The cause of the spill was the creek bank washing out and causing the waste water line to basically break open at a joint," said Water Resource Coordinator Jennifer Nations.

After discovering the spill, Jennifer Nations says suppliers were called in to build a road to the spill site, and to get pumps to the site so that the sewage could be pumped from one man -hole to another to prevent it from further flowing into the creek.

"Today, is working on stabilizing the replacement pipe that we put in and putting cement around it sealing all the joints, " said Nations.

How to clean up the waste water is determined by the size of the spill. In smaller more localized cases, equipment is brought in that can suck up the raw sewage water and then it's transport directly to a treatment plant.

However the volume of the spill at Carter Creek requires different measures.

"In a situation like this what we can do is, disinfect any areas of the ground that come in contact with raw waste water. Unfortunately if the raw waste water is already down stream theres not a whole lot we can do about that," said Nations.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is expected to stop by Carter Creek to take samples and look at the site.

Nations stated,"Anytime you have a spill have a spill of 100,000 gallons or more you need to contact the TCEQ, you need to contact local officials, and you need to contact the media."

It has not been determined if any fines will result from the spill.

Drinking water was not affected by the spill, however, city officials urge residents to avoid all water activities at the Creek until clean up is completed.