High-Tech Learning In Aggieland

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First Apple revolutionized the music industry, now it's transforming the way some Texas A&M students learn outside of the classroom. Teaming up with Texas A&M, Apple is bringing high-tech learning to Aggieland, via iTunes U.

Olga West, the Executive Director of Marketing for the Office of Marketing & Communications at A&M said, "iTunes U is just a place to hold all of our digital content so it could be video files, pdf files, audio files and it could be clearly educational in nature or tied to a specific course."

A&M is one of the first universities in the state to make the Apple service available for use by the general public. "You don't have to be a student here right now to take advantage of what we have on this site. Anybody can go out there see what's going on from an educational perspective," said West.

Students can now access course content and download it to their MAC or PC, and transfer the information to their iPods and MP3 players.

Access to the site is available to users at just the click of a button. "In this society of everybody being mobile, it just helps to take that content with you," said West. "It helps students particularly who are walking from class to class to listen to a two minute synopsis from a professor that would help them in their studies."

It's not just A&M students who are expected to benefit from the new technology. It will also offer prospective students a glimpse of the Aggie experience, and what Texas A&M has to offer.

West believes,"The possibilities for content are endless. I think it just takes us further into the future and helps with our name recognition."

One thing is certain, Texas A&M is poised at the forefront of the latest trends in educational technology.