Land to Deal

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The Bryan City Council wants the Texas A&M Board of Regents to know just how much they want the new Health Science Center in Bryan. Recent action by the city council is saying it loud and clear.

The city has entered into an initial contract with multiple landowners who own property near Easterwood Airport. Seventy thousands dollars of earnest money is holding about 2-hundred 88 acres of land the city of Bryan is attempting to purchase.

Doctor Nancy Dickey, President of the Texas A&M Health Science Center, says even though Bryan's actions are encouraging, more deliberation about the location has to take place.

"We are gratified by the enthusiasm which the city of Bryan is showing by taking this action to offer a gift and at the same time recognize that there are other sites still under consideration," Dickey said. In the next few weeks Dickey plans to help the Board of Regents understand where the Health Science Center potentially could go. She will outline the advantages and disadvantages of all the sites being considered.

Bryan Mayor Pro Tem, Mark Conlee, says the property out by Easterwood was an unexpected opportunity. Up until recently the city did not know the 288 acres, located near University Drive and Texas 47, would go up for sale.

Conlee also said the Bryan City Council isn't putting all of their eggs in one basket. He says the land could possibly be used for the new Health Science Center, but they too will be surveying the land to determine what the best possible economic plan is for Bryan.

There are other sites being considered for the Health Science Center, but Bryan believes with 288 acres, its' site offers an edge over the others because there's more space for growth.

The final decision lies with Texas A&M Board of Regents. The next regents meeting is scheduled for November 30th. However, it is unknown if the new Health Science Center land site is on the next meeting agenda. An official agenda has yet to be set.