Tricks and Treats for Safe Halloween

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With less than a week left till Halloween, the Red Cross says the time to start talking to kids about safety is now, not October 31st.

"They're going to be so excited about going to trick or treat, that if you wait until you are ready to step out the door they are going to forget it," said Sharon Zambrzycki of the American Red Cross."So start finding opportunities to mention we're going to the houses of people we know, where the lights are."

Whether your child is dressing up as a goblin or a ghoul, costumes are another important aspect parents need to take into consideration. "It's always fun as a child to dress up in something that's bigger than they are, but if they are trying to run or move around you need to be sure they are not going to trip or slip," said Zambrzycki.

Make sure that whatever costume you and your child chooses, that they will be able to see and to be seen. Also make sure if kids are wearing masks that the eyeholes are large enough, and that there is plenty of ventilation.

Parents can also prevent frightful situations from occurring in front of their house."Make sure your lawn, sidewalk, or porch are clean , and not going to have any dangerous things or cause a child to trip," Zambrzycki.

Despite the pleas from the kiddies to munch on some of their well earned treats, officials recommend exercising a bit of patience. Zambrzycki said,"wait till they get home to have it checked out, and have it checked by an adult, just to be sure it is going to be appropriate for that child and that it is indeed safe."

By following some safety precautions, children and parents can both have a "howling" good time.