Fish Daddy's Delayed

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Seafood lovers prepare to be patient. Owners of Fish Daddy's restaurant say construction on the new location has been delayed again.

Earlier this year, owners said construction would start in September. The plan was to have the new facility ready to serve up seafood by the beginning of 2007. But now it looks like construction won't be complete until early spring. Manager John Welch says they aren't ready to commit to an exact date.

The original facility burned down in February, just days before opening. According to fire officials, workers left rags with wood stain on the floor. Those rags heated up, which caused the stain to ignite. Insurance claims from that fire are one of the reasons the restaurant construction is delayed.

According to Mr. Welch some of the other reasons for delay were getting the building permits, drawing up new plans for the building and demolition of the old building. Welch says they hope to start building in the next three weeks.