Pharmacy Has Plan B

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Whether they go to the drug store or the grocery store women nationwide will be able to buy the contorversial Plan B pill without a prescription. Pharmacies will make the pill available to consumers, but specific guidelines have to be followed.

After a three year debate the Food and Drug Administration finally approved over the counter sales of the pill. Along with their approval the FDA issued instructions that pharmacies must follow.

The pill must be stocked behind the counter. Individuals looking for the pill will have to ask for.

Women, 18 or older who want to purchase the Plan B
pill will be able to without a prescription but they will be required to show a valid photo ID that has a birthdate.
Any women under 18 who want the pill will be unable to get it without a prescription.

Another stipulation issued by the FDA is that the over the counter version of the Plan B pill will be re-packaged to look different from the prescription version. According to Dr. Dawson both pills are the
same and the packaging will signal a different indication.

The pill has been received a lot of attention
recently, but doctors say the pill itself is nothing new.
Dr. Daniel Dawson is an O-B/G-Y-N at the Brazos Valley
Women's Center. He says the Plan B pill contains half of
the same hormone that most birth control pills have.

Dawson says the difference between the Plan B pill
and other birth control pills is that Plan B can be used
as a pre or post contraceptive. "Generally it prevents
ovulation and also prevents fertilization."

As a physician, Dawson says he is concerned that
women will rely on the pill too much. He fears, "Patients
would start using the Plan B pill as a regular type of
contraceptive rather than emergency contraceptive." He
says the Plan B pill just isn't as effective as the other
forms of contraceptives in preventing pregnancy.

The Plan B pill will be available at most pharmacies
across country in November.