Locals To Run In N.Y.C Marathon

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Patrice Poage possesses a real passion for running.

What started off as a way to relieve stress, has turned into a hobby that's taking her all the way to the New York City Marathon.

Poage will not be making the journey alone. She will run alongside her husband, Mark.

The husband - wife duo is excited about being a part of the 26.2 mile race.

"It's called the world's largest marathon, there's over thirty-seven thousand runners," said Mark Poage.

The marathon receives about 90,000 applications. And waiting to hear if their names will be chosen from a lottery system was not always easy.

"You apply 3 months ahead of time and sit on pins and needles waiting for them to make the lottery decision," said Patrice Poage.

The wait was well worth it when the couple realized they would be heading to New York City to run the challenging course.

"It was unbelievable because it's lottery, and there is only a certain amount of people that get to go," said Mark.

The couple said with proper training, marathon day is actually a piece of cake.

"Those long runs, training, putting in the hours, eating right, drinking right, that's the hardest part about running a marathon," said Patrice.

Mark Poage is looking most forward to two things at the November 5th race.

"Finishing.....and getting to eat everything I want to afterwards."

The couple is two of four residents in the Brazos Valley who were chosen to run in the New York City Marathon.