Bryan Welcomes New City Manager

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It was day one Monday for Bryan's new city manager.
David Watkins accepted the position in September.
He previously held the city manager job in Auburn, Alabama and has also served in the role in a pair of Kansas towns.

"I really feel like I kind of have a feel for what this town is about and what the organization is about," Watkins said. "Right now I can't imagine a day kicking off better."

Watkins says one of the selling points for accepting the position was the revitalization of downtown.

"Bryan is going to have a vibrant downtown," Watkins said. "It kind of already does and it will get stronger. I think right now we're chasing commercial projects that will add to our tax base, residential base is steady, but it could be better."

As for his vision for the city, Watkins says it's driven by the community.
On top of his list; continue work on intergovernmental relationships, long-term transportation, storm water management and honing in on a new police chief.

"Filling a police chief position is about the most important thing a city manager can do," Watkins said.

On his agenda, interviewing key internal players regarding the search.
He expects movement soon, but says it's undecided whether the search will be internal or not.

Right now he is getting acquainted and ready for the job ahead.