Pit Bull To Be Evaluated

Montgomery County Sheriff's investigators will recommend the owner of a pit bull that killed a man over the weekend face criminal charges.

Detective Tommy Overstreet said Monday, he believes the dog's owner, Firas Beseisso, should be held accountable for his dangerous dog.

An expert will evaluate the dog before he is put down.

The case will then be turned over to the Montgomery County District Attorney's office. According to Overstreet, Beseisso could face charges ranging from animal cruelty, to criminal negligence or disorderly conduct.

The attack happened in Willis, just off I-45 on FM 1097.

Authorities say David McCurry went to Beseisso's home inquiring about the dog because the owner had it for sale.

While McCurry, 41, and his 19-year-old female companion were looking at the pit bull, it broke free and attacked them.

The woman was able to get on the roof of her car and escape the animal. But the animal bit McCurry numerous times, including a fatal bite to the neck. He received bites on 90 percent of his body.