Campaign Fundraising in the Governor's Race

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Republican Governor Rick Perry continues to lead in campaign fund-raising going toward the November seventh election.

The latest reporting period ran from September 29th to October 28th.

Here's more:

-- Perry reports having two-point-nine (M) million dollars in cash on hand, including two-point-six (M) million raised since the last reporting period that ended in late September.

-- Democrat Chris Bell got a boost from a one (M) million dollar donation and a one (M) million dollar loan guaranteed by Houston trial lawyer John O'Quinn. Bell reported total contributions, not counting the big loan, of just under one-point-eight (M) million dollars in the period. After expenses, Bell had about 84-thousand dollars in available cash.

-- Independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn reported having more than 421-thousand dollars in cash on hand. She raised almost 583-thousand dollars in the final full month of the campaign. Strayhorn's campaign office said it had already purchased all of its television ads through the end of the race and has not taken out any loans.

-- Independent Kinky Friedman reported having nearly 536-thousand dollars in cash on hand and raising one-point-one (M) million in the period.