Scotty's House Needs New Home

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On the outside, Scotty's House may look like a regular home. But inside the walls of the center are children who have suffered sexual and severe physical abuse.

Scotty's House offers children the support they need to start healing and putting their lives back together.

"We bring law enforcement, prosecution, CPS, and medical staff together under one roof, so they're all here and can work with the child at one time," said Linda Patton, who serves as the executive director of Scotty's House.

When the child advocacy center opened its doors in 1995, it provided treatment for 45 children. Last year, the center interviewed and provided support to 405 kids.

It's because of the increased demand for services that Scotty's House is in serious need of a new facility.

"We are desperate for more room," Patton said. "We're in a 1,500 square foot little house that is warm and cozy and in some ways its wonderful. It's just too small."

Scotty's House recently initiated an aggressive capital campaign. They need $1.6 million to fund the new building.

"We're going to turn to this community and ask them to help us raise that money," said Sheriff Chris Kirk, who is also the president of the board of directors for Scotty's House.

Kirk says getting a new facility is crucial. "I knew what it was like before we had an advocacy center and I know how much better it is that we have these services available," he said.

There are many ways in which the community can help the new 7,000 square foot facility.

"We're going to sell a square foot for $150, so everybody has the opportunity to have and be a part of helping to build this new center," said Patton.

The center, which offers teddy bears, quilts, therapy, love, and support for children is now asking for the community's support to help them achieve their dreams of helping future children by providing a place where healing can begin.