Assault Investigation

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Details continue to come in about an early Wednesday morning assault in College Station. One woman was sexually assaulted and three others approached, all behind the closed doors of their apartments.

Police say, none of the women living at 305 Marion Pugh, had their front doors locked. Each reported they awoke Tuesday morning to find a partially clothed black male in their bed. They say he was attempting to remove their clothes. In three cases, the victims say, the perpatrator ran off when they began yelling. The first victim, says she was sexually assaulted sometime around 4 a.m.

Each of the cases took place at different times, but all before 6 a.m.

The suspect is described as a black male about 5'6". He has a medium build and weighs about 165 pounds. He was last seen wearing baggy jean shorts and an oversized dark t-shirt with writing on the back, just below the collar.

The case has been turned over to the College Station Police Department Criminal Investigation Division. This division will be working with the some of the victims, witnesses and a Texas Department of Public Safety artist to develop a sketch of the actor. This sketch will be released to the public as soon as possible. Police are asking anyone with information about this case to contact the police department at (979) 764-3600.

Police expect to have more information to release Wednesday morning.