What Influences Voters?

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Election day is just around the corner, and as politicians pound the pavement voters are deciding what concerns them most.
Latest poll numbers show the biggest concern for voters is the war in Iraq.

In the latest CBS News poll 70 percent of the people questioned believe the president has no plan for Iraq.
Half questioned believe troop levels should go down or the United States should get out completely. If that happened more than half say the threat of terrorism would not be affected.

"I think the war in Iraq is lasting too long, killing too many of our boys," Brazos County Resident Elaine Waggoner said.

But other issues seem just as strong.
The same poll shows nearly 60 percent think the economy is in good shape.
But that issue still remains on voters minds.

"They're all important in the way I make a living, the way I buy things, so I'm just looking at how everything is in the economy today," Brazos County Resident Ronnie Arrington said.

And don't forget gas prices. This year's fluctuation in prices has voters concerned.

"Gas is an everyday thing it particularly hurts lower income people it's just a big issue," Brazos County Resident Israel Boyd said. "It has everything to do with everyday life from driving your car to heating your house it's a big issue."

But that's not all.
Besides gas prices, the economy, and the Iraq war voters say immigration is a hot button issue that will influence their vote.

"Quite frankly I'm probably more concerned about immigration issues than I am the war," Brazos County resident David Blaschke said. "I'm surrounded by people that don't pay a thing and I don't think it's fair."

"I think the economy of Texas is going to be in bad shape if we have too many immigrants doing low valued jobs," Robert Baker, a Brazos County Resident said. "We need educated people."

So as voters cast their ballots next week, it's these issues that will most likely influence their vote.