Campaign 2006: Brazos County JP, Pct. 2, Pl. 1

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As election day approaches, we continue our look at some of the key races in the area. Republican Vera Lara-Hooge and Democrat Albert Navarro are the candidates for Brazos County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 1.

The Republican contender, Lara-Hooge, has been a resident of Bryan her whole life and is an Aggie grad. She has spent 20 years working in Brazos County government, including her current job as administrative assistant for the 85th District Court.

"I have been working hard, walking and talking to the citizens of Brazos County, trying to find out how I can serve them as justice of the peace," Lara-Hooge said. "I really want this job. This is the second time that I've run for this office, and it has been my personal dream to serve as justice of the peace and to be the first Hispanic woman elected to the Brazos County office."

The Democratic nominee, Navarro, is a native of Waco and a graduate of Baylor and the University of Texas. Navarro came to the area in 1990, and currently serves as the city of Bryan's prosecutor and an attorney in the Jones Law Firm.

"I have 17 years of legal background, 12-and-a-half years of being a legal aide lawyer for Gulf Coast Legal Foundation, and three years as a city prosecutor for the City of Bryan," Navarro said. "I have that experience to be a good justice of the peace. I'm also dedicated to public service for the Brazos County area."

As the votes are counted Tuesday, count on News 3 to keep you up to speed on all the races in the Brazos County and throughout the state. News 3 and will have up-to-date vote totals throughout the night.