Authorities Zero in on Rape Suspect

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It's everyone's worst nightmare, waking up to find a stranger in your bedroom.

Four women at the Callaway Villas, had just that experience when they awoke at different times Wednesday morning to find a unknown man, partially clothed, in their beds.

"We've had our crime scene techs working almost twenty-four hours a day since the first report. We have processed and gathered every piece of evidence possible," said Officer Rhonda Seaton of the College Station Police Department.

Seaton says at least one of the four girls was sexually assaulted.

It is believed the perpetrator was able to gain entry in to the apartments through unlocked front doors, since no signs of forced entry were found.

Seaton stated,"Several of the victims said that they always lock their doors, but in these units you've got roommates coming in and out and so they may have thought the doors were locked, when in actuality they were not locked."

Some residents at the Callaway Villas say the recent events have made them pay closer attention to their surroundings.

"(I'm) definitely more aware of locking the doors and checking places before I enter things...just...I'm more scared to be alone," said Lauren Cazzell, a Callway Villas resident.

Cazzell's roommate Jessica Mitchell said,"I find myself double checking to make sure the door is locked, and if I go upstairs I start to think about it and I go...'Did I lock the door?'...and I'll come back downstairs and make sure it's locked."

Police say the most important thing is for victims to call and report the incident as soon as possible.

"You've got to call 911 immediately. Don't wait and call friends," said Officer Seaton.

Police have released a sketch of the suspect. The subject is said to be a black male with a medium build. He is approximately 165 pounds with short black hair.

College Station Police are currently reporting a total of nine offenses that they believe to be related to the original incident.

Police believe the suspect originally gained entrance into the gated complex as as an acquaintance of a resident. The resident was told that the male identified himself to a friend as " Marcus."

According to a press release, authorities are not positive if " Marcus" is the true name of the perpetrator. The suspect was allowed into the residence and it was during this time period that the sexual assault took place.