Richard Petty Brings Safe Driving Program to Texas A&M

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Engines revved, while brakes screamed Friday as Texas A&M students put their driving abilities to the test.
Nearly 200 of them took part in the Richard Petty Driving Experience, testing their ability to manage compromising situations while on the road.

The program pairs drivers with professional experts to raise awareness about the dangers of driving.

"I wasn't prepared to have to go really fast but when he pulled the break and it spun, I really learned a lot and it was fun," Texas A&M Student Haley Moore said.

"You never know what's going to happen in the real world," Hunter Wilde, Texas A&M Student said. "I mean like this kind of helps you be a little more informed about what you should do when something happens."

Students participated in training modules that included skid control, braking skills, crash avoidance and other situations.

NASCAR racing legend Richard Petty attended the Friday afternoon session.
Texas A&M Vice President for Student Affairs Dean Bresciani and Student Body President Nicholas Taunton were also on hand.

"A program such as this one from the Richard Petty Driving Experience can help students be more aware of the dangers they face on the road and teach them skills that could make the difference in a crisis situation," Bresciani said.

"We're glad to be here and hope that we can bring some stability and get the kids to wake up," Petty said. "They need to think about what they're doing and from that standpoint it helps everybody."