Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested

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On Wednesday residents at the Callaway Villa Apartments were put on high alert. Four women had contacted police to say they were all awaken in the middle of the night to find a man in their bedrooms half dressed. One of those women was sexually assaulted.

22-year-old Marcus Anthony Wilson was arrested early Saturday morning and jailed for his possible involvement in the assault and attempted assaults that occurred at the apartment complex.

He was found in a College Station bar. Master Officer Rhonda Seaton said officers patrolling the Northgate area around 1o'clock in the morning saw someone who resembled Wilson and approached him. Seaton said, "They approached him, positively identified him as Marcus Anthony Wilson and placed him under arrest."

College Station officers then requested another patrol car to pick up Wilson and transport him to the jail. Only moments following Wilson leaving the scene another possible victim came forward. A woman approached the arresting officers and informed them that she did not know why they arrested Wilson, but that he was the man she had found in her apartment earlier in the week.

Police says the residents at the Callaway Villa Apartments should feel safer, but they shouldn't take that feeling for granted. "We have him custody however it doesn't mean they can start leaving their doors unlocked again," Seaton said. "You should lock every lock you have."