Deer Safety Tips

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You're driving along, when all of a sudden out of nowhere out jumps a deer, right in front of your vehicle.

This was just the case for Henry Politz.

"It happened so quickly, my foot never came off the gas pedal. I looked down and could see deer horns, antlers, hide, fur in a flash of light," said Politz who struck a two-hundred pound ten point deer.

This scenario leaves motorists wondering is there anything they can do to avoid hitting a deer?

Fred Churchill of the Texas Parks and Wildlife offers some advice,"Make yourself go to low beams if you go to your brights or high beams it blinds the deer and confuses it, so it doesn't know which way to run."

If a collision is unavoidable, resist swerving. That could cause you to lose control of your vehicle and possibly run into something else.

Lastly, if you must hit the deer, Churchill says just before impact...."get off the brakes so that the front end of your vehicle comes up."

Officials say if you slam on your brakes, it'll cause the front end of your vehicle to dip down, which could cause the deer to slide up the hood and into your windshield.

These tips are especially timely because this is the time of year when deer are out and about in numbers, especially around highways.

"Food and vegetation along the roadways are usually greener, because of the runoff along the roads," said Churchill.

Another reason is that love is in the air.
It's the mating season for deer which means they're feeling extra frisky."The bucks are pursuing the does, so they'll be paying more attention to chasing the does than watching the roadways,"said Churchill.

The best thing drivers can do is pay close attention to their surroundings, and know how to react when hitting a deer is imminent.