Racist Video Earns Stern Response from A&M

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Texas A&M's top official is denouncing a web video that portrayed Aggies as racists.

The video, which appeared on the You Tube site, reportedly showed three students, one with his face painted black, and a subsequent whipping as if the student was a slave.

The video is believed to have been removed from You Tube.

University President Robert Gates issued the following statement, saying the Aggie family should be insulted by the actions of the students:

“Yesterday was a sad day for Texas A&M. It was brought to my attention that individuals who appear to be Aggie students had posted to a public web site a home-made video that is so utterly disgusting that, regardless of race, religion, or background, I believe virtually any member of our Aggie family would be outraged and ashamed if they viewed it. The content of the video is offensive on many levels and would be so to all Aggies, but is particularly insulting and hurtful to members of our Black community. The hateful video is not simply an example of poor judgment and insensitivity; it appears to have been purposefully produced to insult and demean. When one member of the Aggie family is insulted, we are all insulted. I find the content of the video inexcusable and I believe virtually all Aggies join me in that belief.”

In "The Battalion," the university's student-run newspaper, an editorial noted that one of the students in the video was an "unpaid contributor" to the newspaper, and that they will no longer work for the publication.

"[W]e absolutely do not tolerate hate speech," wrote the editorial board. "That is what the video was -- deliberate, calculated hate speech. There is no defense for it."