District 17 Candidates Make Final Pitch

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One of the races a lot of people have their eyes on is 17th District of the US Congress. The candidates vying for the spot actually spent their Tuesdays at opposite ends of the district map.

Republican Van Taylor spent much of the campaign targeting incumbent Chet Edwards with pointed ads. Tuesday, his targets were voters. His tools: smiles, signs and family help.

"My wife's holding a sign at another polling location," Taylor said. "My dad's at another polling location. We've got dozens of volunteers all over Waco holding signs."

But Taylor anchored himself at a church in Hewitt, hoping McLennan County voters would swing in his favor.

"We're getting a great response," he said. "Over 70 people have come up to me today and said they've voting for me. I'm pretty excited about that."

Taylor also said his office is getting a call or two about the election.

"People call in to campaign headquarters and say, 'I'm undecided, what should I do?' We try to tell them to vote for Van Taylor," he said.

The Democrat hoping the undecideds choose him chose to campaign at his alma mater.

"A&M made such a difference in my life that I just wanted to finish my campaign out here," Edwards said.

His campaigners also spread from polling place to place, but the handshakes of the eight-term incumbent seeking a second term in District 17 were for Aggies.

"We're hearing there's a great turnout around the district, and that's good," Edwards said. "That makes our democracy better when they get out and vote, whether they vote for me or someone else."

Of course, both men are seeking the win, both optimistic of their chances. But you won't find Edwards to be a betting man.

"I never try to make predictions," he said. "That's the right of the voters."

And both Taylor and Edwards will find out their fates in Waco Tuesday night.