Election Day Turnout Could Break Record

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Brazos County voters wasted no time heading to the polls on Election Day.

Voter Tim Owens walked out of the Brazos Center and proudly stated, "I voted for Kinky."

National issues seemed to be foremost on the minds of many voters. "Immigration, the economy, and education," were tops according to voter Tennille Lamon.

Another voter, Sandra Lys, echoed some of Lamon's remarks. "What's important to me is that the economy stays stable and also the issues of the border," she said.

Others reasons for voting had to do more with fulfilling their civic duty.

"It's just a chance for them to get out and express their opinions," said Brazos County Clerk Karen McQueen. "The polls have been busy all morning."

Officials say lines remained steady throughout much of the morning. Some precincts even experienced waits. McQueen says this year's response has been so high, it may reach record numbers for a mid-term election.

"Four years ago they voted 1,800 in person, so if we beat that that would be a new number for us," she said.

For those of you who didn't vote, one person who did had this to say: "You know you don't really have anything to be arguing about or complaining about if you don't come out and vote," Owens said.