Rally For Unity

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Members of the Texas A&M student body gathered with one voice and one mind to declare racism is not welcomed anywhere on campus.

A&M student Tyler Wellborn came to show his support for the rally. "As a member of the corp and as an Aggie I do not tolerate hate." Student Harold Dano said hate of any kind is intolerable at Texas A&M, an institution of higher learning.

The rally was held in part to respond to a homemade video of white students portraying themselves black in derogatory scenes. It's a video an A&M provost says was made by A&M students. The other reason students demonstrated was to show those who made the video that true Aggies are united.

The university immediately took action to identify the students allegedly involved in the making the video. But regardless of the investigation, the student body wanted to send a clear message that there is no room for ignorance on the part of any student.

In a petition, students are asking the university to require diversity training for new students and annual training for faculty. In addition, students want the university to create more stringent rules for international and cultural diversity requirements.

Vice President and Associate Provost of Diversity, Tito Guerrero says Aggies can rest assured that the university has plans to move on their behalf, "The recommendations being made to the administration in the form of a petition, are things we are going to take into account, not just thinking about, we're actually going to act on them."