Carjacker Executed Over 1992 Slaying

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Convicted killer Willie Shannon has been executed over the 1992 carjack-slaying of a Lubbock man.

Shannon Wednesday night spoke directly to the widow, two children and brother of his victim -- Benjamin Garza -- and acknowledged that he "took a father."

"It wasn't my fault. It was an accident," Shannon said of the shooting in Houston.

Shannon had claimed his gun went off as the two men struggled in a parking lot.

Prosecutors say Garza was in the federal Witness Protection Program and had been living under a new identity after testifying at drug trials in the Rio Grande Valley.

Shannon also said he was going to heaven. He said if he saw his victim, he would ask Garza for forgiveness. "I'll say when I see him, 'I'm sorry,"' Shannon said.

Shannon was the 24th Texas death row inmate to be executed this year.