Sharing The Aggie Spirit

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On game days, Aggie traditions are front and center. And those traditions had a special audience that came up the road from Houston.

More than 40 cancer patients from Texas Children's Hospital and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center made the trip to re-energize their spirits with the Aggie spirit. Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity held their bi-annual Share The Spirit Weekend football game on Saturday.

Michael Schramm was one the co-chairs for this event and says the fraternity noticed the kids at both hospitals needed to feel like kids.

"We saw the restrictions that a lot of these kids have in the hospital," Schramm said. "This was an opportunity to break them out of that."

And that's the reason why he and his fraternity brothers continue to put on the Share The Spirit Weekend.

Fraternity brother Byron Capt says taking part in the event is a great opportunity for the organization. Just seeing the faces of the patients filled with joy is rewarding for Capt.

Fellow brother, Matt Dunnam expressed the same sentiment. "We're so excited to have them," Dunnam said. "It's just a great experience for all of us."

For the last five years, the Phi Gamma Delta has organized this spirit weekend with the help of sponsors to give kids fighting cancer a change from their norm.

Houston high school senior and cancer patient Ulises Hernandez said, "It keeps us distracted from all the problems we have from the hospital."

The change was noticeable by the smiles on the faces of the young patients. All of those smiles were provided by the spirit of Aggie game day.

By sharing their colligate spirit, Fiji brothers share a brighter outlook on life, and patients get to experience an aspect of the college that causes them to look forward to better things for their lives.

It seems cancer patient Jamie Wilson is looking forward to being an Aggie. When asked who would win Saturday's game between A&M and Nebraska, Wilson whole-heartedly yelled Texas A&M. And even though the Ags weren't able to pull out the victory, it was surely an experience those young people won't soon forget.

Phi Gamma Delta will be hosting another Share The Spirit Weekend in the spring.