Some Proposals for 2007

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Here's a look at some bills filed in Austin on the first day that lawmakers could offer proposals for the 2007 legislative session:

-- Representative Leo Berman has proposed cracking down on the entitlements afforded to U-S-born children of illegal immigrants, including public education.

-- Several lawmakers proposed legislation to include elderly and disabled homeowners in property tax relief, which was enacted earlier this year but didn't apply to homeowners over 65.

-- Some lawmakers want to reduce the maximum amount that property values can increase every year for taxing purposes. The cap stands at ten percent, but lawmakers have proposed reducing it to as low as three percent per year.

-- Some legislators are asking for a comprehensive reform of prosecution, punishment and supervision of sex offenders.

Senator Bob Deuell has proposed mandatory minimum sentences of 25 years, lifetime monitoring of those convicted of sex crimes against a victim under the age of 14, increased penalties for multiple offenses and an increase in the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases.

-- Representative Frank Corte proposed legislation that would change the informed consent to an abortion law from an option to a requirement that women be given abortion literature to review at least 24 hours before the procedure.

-- Representative Armando Martinez wants to make the bolo tie the official state tie of Texas.