Baptists Approve Controls in Mission Money Case

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Texas Baptist leaders have decided to take concrete steps to solve problems that led to thousands of dollars in mission money being misused.

But the group meeting in Dallas Monday stopped short of turning over an independent investigator's report to law enforcement authorities.

The Baptist General Convention of Texas' executive board said it would increase accountability and implement better internal controls for funding church-startups.

At issue is what happened to more than one-point-three million (M) dollars contributed by Texas Baptists over a six-year period.

It was supposed to help fund 258 new churches in the Rio Grande Valley. But the report shows only a few churches were opened.

The recommendations were adopted from a 42-page report commissioned by the convention.

The new measures were announced during the annual meeting of the convention in Dallas.

About 19-hundred delegates, called messengers, also elected a West Texas pastor as its new president and placed a denominational leader in line to be the organization's first woman president the following year.