Keep Wild Animals Wild, Expert Warns

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Tim Harrison is a wildlife enthusiast, who has been featured on the National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, and Inside Edition. He travels the world, preaching the dangers of domesticating exotic animals.

"It's a national phenomenon where people are buying exotic animals, and I'm not talking about a gecko. I'm talking about tigers, I'm talking about deadly cobras,"said Harrison.

Serving as a police officer, fireman, paramedic and founder of Outreach for Animals in Oakwood, Ohio, Harrison has become all to familiar with the deadly consequences which can result from owning an exotic animal.

Harrison states,"Texas is number one for its sale of exotic animals at those huge auctions, and Ohio is number two. So that's why I am here, I'm trying to prevent people from bringing these types of animals into their homes."

Harrison founded Outreach for Animals - a non-profit organization geared to educate the public of the dangers associated with owning exotic animals.

"They're wild animals, they're meant to be in the wild, especially with the big cats, leave them in the wild,"said Harrison.

Two of the most common wild animals people are bringing into their homes are big cats, and venomous snakes. Harrison urges those who bring wild animals into their homes to do a little research.

Harrison states, "If you understand your animal, if you understand the capabilities of what your animal can do you're going to be in pretty good shape. But when you get in to something like a Tiger that's a whole different ball game."

Harrison also reminds people to not love their pets to death. Many exotic pets are most happy in the environment in which they were intended, the wild.