Enron Whistle Blower Urges Moral Backbone

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In the corporate world, Sherron Watkins is known as a giant slayer. Those who know her story, already know her business sense is what brought down one of the largest companies in American history.

The former Enron Vice President was at Sam Houston State University Tuesday where she told students, "The wheels of justice have probably moved as quickly as possible in this Enron scandal." She was referring to the trail and sentences of Enron leaders master minded the biggest corporate corruption scandal in US history.

It was Watkins who exposed Enron's fraud to the world. While speaking to the audience Watkins revealed that she believes she wasn't the only one who noticed inconsistencies in the company's accounting structures. According to Watkins, the reason no else spoke out was because of fear of reprisal. She said Intimidation and employee insecurity became weapons used by Enron leaders to maintain a code of silence.

But in spite of it, she says her morals and ethics would not allow her to hold her ignore the situation. And that is the message Watkins conveys to the groups she speaks to - don't accept lies. "Stop them early, you must stop them early and do not participate", says Watkins.

She urged her audience to look at situations for what they really are and make decisions based on their conscience. Watkins said by doing what is right when no one is looking, students could uphold the legacy set forth years ago by the name-sake of the university.

Watkins says, "I appreciate Sam Houston's words about, to be honest and fear not. The two go hand in hand. If you're not honest you're going to have fear in your life and you won't be able to make the stand that you want later in life."