Fort Hood Prepares to Welcome Thousands of Soldiers Home

As Fort Hood’s 4th Infantry Division officially completes the transfer of responsibility for operations in and around Baghdad to the post’s 1st Cavalry Division, thousands of 4th ID soldiers begin to return to post later this month.

Soldiers from the division’s Fires Brigade, Aviation Brigade, 2nd Brigade Combat Team and Special Troops Battalion are scheduled to return to post this week.

About 21,000 soldiers in all will return from Iraq by the end of the year.

The 1st Cavalry Division, meanwhile, is setting up shop again on its second tour of duty in Iraq.

The Cav’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team has already assumed responsibility from the 4th ID’s 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team for operations in Iraq’s Diyala Province.

During the first deployment, the division’s Task Force Baghdad was responsible for securing Iraq’s capital ahead of the country’s historic elections.

Baghdad remains a dangerous place, but most of the violence now targets Iraqi’s rather than US troops, although roadside bombs continue to exact a heavy toll in US lives.

Suspected Shiite militiamen abducted dozens of people Wednesday from an Iraqi education ministry office on a day during which scores of Iraqis were either killed or found dead around the country.