Local Reaction to Farmers Branch Stance

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Earlier this week, the Farmers Branch city council touched off a fire storm when it voted unanimously to make English the city's primary language, and to ban landlords from leasing to undocumented immigrants.

Reaction to the decision has been has been split and extremely vocal.

The adoption of the ordinance in Farmer's Branch has raised questions as to whether other Texas cities will follow suit. However, a College Station's deputy city manager doesn't foresee his city adopting any such ordinance in the near future.

"College Station is a very open and welcoming community. As a result, we deal with whatever issues or concerns that we have on a much more positive basis," said Terry Childers.

As for other Texas cities, Childers says, "I don't think the ordinance that the council has adopted there would be effective in very many other Texas communities."

Steve Gongora, a local member of LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens, believes that immigration is a problem and solution that should not be handled by local city officials.

One concern he has is discrimination.

"I think that to some degree it's going to have an impact on the local hispanic community which are legally here and are citizens of this country," said Gongora.

Gongora believes the new legislation may cause law enforcement officials to primarily target the Hispanic community.

"I'm for the people who are legally here, to be able to be here, and for all law enforcement officials to respect those rights. Passing legislation like that, to some degree, is going to infringe on people's rights," stated Gongora.