Clancey Claims Retaliation for Speaking Out

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In his suit filed against the City of College Station and key staff members, former police chief Michael Clancey said he was forced to resign, but not given an explanation of the charges against him. He also claims he was retaliated against for raising concerns.

The suit, filed May 15 in a district court in Texas, claims City Manager Glenn Brown and Assistant City Manager Kathy Merrill were "not receptive to matters raised by Clancey and the opinions he expressed on the issues.

"Rather than consider the issues raised by Clancey, (College Station, Brown and Merrill) began to retaliate against him in order to remove him from his position," the suit reads.

An example cited in the suit pertains to red light cameras in the city. Clancey claims when city officials were first considering the program during his time as chief, officials justified the program as a revenue generator. Clancey said he told leaders the program should be based on public safety, not money.

Clancey also claims he told his superiors that more staff was needed to properly police the city, but like with other matters he raised, that Brown and Merrill were not receptive to his opinions, and that he was retaliated against for raising the topics.

The former chief said it was shortly thereafter that a poor performance evaluation came out, one that Clancey said did not offer ideas on how the chief could improve. Clancey also claims an internal investigation was launched into his job performance, accusing him of violating policy, untruthfulness and unbecoming conduct.

On October 26, 2007, Clancey said he was told by Brown and Merrill that he was being fired, and offered him the chance to resign instead. The former chief's suit says he was given "no notice of the charges against him and never explained the evidence against him that would support the charges."

Clancey, now the chief in Saluda, South Carolina, is seeking a jury trial in his civil suit, and is seeking, among other things, "appropriate backpay and reimbursement for lost pension, insurance, and all other benefits," as well as compensatory and punitive damages.

Sunday, the City of College Station's spokesperson released this statement concerning the suit: "It is unfortunate that Clancey has chosen this approach, but we will be responding to his claims in court."