Playstation 3 Arrival

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People all around the nation have been lining up and camping out in hopes of getting their hands on the newest Sony gaming installment, PlayStation 3.

Locally, the trend continues, some people have been camped out since Monday.

"There's a lot of excitement, and a lot of that comes from the fact there's only so many units available, so they'll be very limited quantities," said Best Buy Manager, Kevin Ayers.

Sony is only said to be initially releasing about 400 thousand units nationwide; which is why many die-hard gamers have made camp outside local stores.

"I'm pretty excited because I enjoy playing NCAA football and that's the only reason I want it is to play NCAA football," said Phillip Kuempel, a camper outside the store.

Other campers outside of Best Buy in College Station hope to turn a profit by selling the entertainment system on E-Bay for some serious money.

"Hopefully somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 to $2000," said Robert Harris.

More than half the line outside the store said they plan to sell the entertainment system.

Friday morning, shoppers will spend between five and six hundred dollars for the new PS3 system. The new system is said to have some state of the art features.

"High definition capabilities, Blu-ray which is a new technology, that is a high definition version of a DVD," said Ayers.

It also has a networking and ethernet port built into the back rear of the unit.

The new PlayStation 3 goes on sale Friday morning at 8 a.m.