Bryan Police Chief Ty Morrow Resigns

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Ty Morrow is now the Bryan Police Department's former chief. Morrow publicly resigned Monday following results of an internal affairs investigation.

Officers were called to the Morrows' home in November after Ty and Cindy Morrow had a fight. An outside investigator found that Ty Morrow's actions violated two department procedures, including conduct unbecoming an officer and his personal conduct.

City Manager David Watkins said the findings would likely compromise Morrow's ability to carry out discipline within the department, and that he and Morrow did not discuss the chief continuing his employment at Bryan PD.

During a press conference at the Bryan Justice Center, during which he gave a tearful farewell, Morrow said he emphasized one main idea when he became chief.

"I stressed that this department would be held accountable," said Morrow.

Morrow said accountability is now leading him to step down.

"I believe I have dishonored the uniform that the men and women here wear, and based on that I have made the decision that I will resign my position as Chief of Police and retire from the Bryan Police Department," said Morrow.

"I want to apologize to all of the citizens of Bryan."

Morrow also apologized to the Bryan Police Department and other state and local agencies asked to look into the November incident. "For all the staff hours that they had to waste on this investigation," said Morrow.

City Manager David Watkins characterized the whole thing as: "a mistake, series of mistakes in his personal life, that bled over into his professional life."

Now Watkins has the responsibility of looking for Morrow's replacement. "I think we already know what we need in a chief. We need many of the characteristics that Chief Morrow had," said Watkins.

Watkins said he will begin that search soon, and that at least two people who have expressed interest.

Watkins also said he doesn't plan on conducting a lengthy national search, but will limit it to those who have interviewed here before and have ties to Bryan.

Chief Scheets will continue as acting chief. Morrow will continue to be paid until October 4th.

Morrow was sworn in as chief Sept. 11, 2007. He had been on administrative leave since late November.