PETA Condemns Bryan Horse Attack

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The animal rights group PETA is calling for stiff punishment for two local college students accused killing a horse. Blinn student Kenneth Peterson, 21, and Texas A&M student Walter Williams Jr., 20, were indicted earlier this month for cruelty to animals and criminal mischief.

Police say on October 13, Peterson attacked the horse with a polo mallet before slitting the animal's throat. Williams then allegedly stabbed the animal to death with a broken golf club in a self-described act of mercy. The prized mare belonged to a longtime Bryan resident who was devastated at the loss.

After learning of the incident, PETA sent a letter to the Brazos County District Attorney's office.
The letter calls for stiff punishment of the two suspects and warns county residents of the danger of people who attack animals. It also recommends psychological counseling for the pair if convicted.

Assistant District Attorney Shane Phelps acknowledged receiving the letter but declined comment.