BISD Board Hears Zone Recommendations

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It's a critical time in Bryan ISD's history, as the school board prepares for the creation of two new schools.

Thursday evening, members of the board members heard the recommendations of a community committee on the redrawing of attendance zones. Davila Middle School and Rudder High School will open in the fall of 2008.

The committee made two recommendations for middle school zones, and two recommendations for high school zones.

A public hearing on the rezoning is set for November 27 at the Bryan Civic Auditorium. The school board will listen to citizens, and make a decision in December.

With the middle school options, the majority of committee members favor Option 3A-2. Besides the creation of the Davila section in the northern portion of the city and Brazos County, a portion of town that currently sends students to Sam Rayburn Middle School would change and be in Stephen F. Austin's zone. Tiffany Park, Park Hudson and Wheeler Ridge subdivisions are included in that possible zone change.

What committee members liked about Option 3A-2 is the gap being closed for the socio-economic status numbers for each of the four middle schools. Currently, there is a 28 percent difference between the high and low middle schools, but with the rezoning proposed in 3A-2, the gap between the high and low schools would close to 14 percent. Option 3B closes the gap only to 25 percent.

Bryan Middle Schools Attendance Zones
Option 3A-2

Bryan Middle Schools Attendance Zones
Option B

With the high schools, there are two differences between the options, one being on the map. A portion of BISD to the southwest. Option 4, which is preferred by the the community committee, would see that portion still going to Bryan High School. In Option 5, the student would end up at Rudder High School.

Also, with Option 5, Rudder High is projected to be all-but-filled to capacity by 2015. With Option 4, Rudder would only be at 88 percent capacity in 2015. Both options project Bryan High would be around three-fourths capacity in 2015.

Bryan High Schools Attendance Zones
Option 4

Bryan High Schools Attendance Zones
Option 5