Deleted DeLay Files?

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New Representative Shelley Sekula-Gibbs wants Congress to investigate destruction of files in her office -- apparently by staffers of her predecessor.

Tom DeLay quit Congress in June.

Sekula-Gibbs last week won a Houston-area special election to fill the remaining weeks of DeLay's term. Both are Republican.

Sekula-Gibbs was sworn in Monday.

The DeLay staffers walked out of the new lawmaker's office Tuesday -- reportedly quitting because they didn't like the way she treated them.

Sekula-Gibbs says seven employees in Washington and Stafford deleted work-related records and files without her knowledge or permission.

Other staffers discovered the files were gone when they tried to access them.

No response yet on the request for an investigation.

Sekula-Gibbs lost the race for the full two-year term to Democrat Nick Lampson.