Help for Katrina Evacuees in Houston

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The road home to Orleans Parish for Thelma Jones included a stop at the first Louisiana-run Road Home office opened outside her home state.

The 90-year-old Hurricane Katrina evacuee says she wants to be back in the one-story home she's live in since 1959.

The Houston branch of the program is funded from an eight-point-one (B) billion dollar allocation from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The branch opened Thursday for evacuees who want to rebuild or sell their homes damaged by last year's devastating hurricane.

Ten other centers opened throughout Louisiana in August.

The program has received over 76-thousand applications so far.

The largest grant amount anyone can receive is 150-thousand dollars for repairs as well as funds to elevate homes and install stronger windows, for example.

The program is expected to last three years and is looking into opening other out-of-state offices.