Navasota Responds To Arrest Of A Fire Fighter

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The arrest of a Navasota firefighter has cast a shadow over the community's holiday spirit. David Grube, 43, was arrested late Wednesday on nine counts of online solicitation of a minor. He's accused of going online and propositioning a person he believed to be a 13 year old girl. It was only after he allegedly carried on multiple sexually explicit conversations that he discovered he was really talking with an undercover officer posing as the teen.

As a result of his arrest, Grube was placed on unpaid administrative leave. Navasota City Manger, Brad Stafford said the decision to put Grube on leave is standard protocol for an employee accused of wrong doing. We want to make sure we get all of our facts straight before we take any major action," said Stafford. However, if Grube is indicted and convicted of the charges, Stafford said the firefighter will be fired.

Grube's co-workers at the fire station are trying to keep a positive outlook despite the ordeal. Fire Chief Jason Katkoski said the incident will not detract emergency responders from their primary mission: Public safety. "We feel like we're a strong department," Katkoski said. "We'll work through this."

Navasota resident, Poppy Keith said Grube's arrest is a sign of the times. She believes problems like this are more of a national problem, not just a Navasota problem. But in this small, close knit community, that's little comfort