Hoyer Wants Pelosi's Word She Won't Retaliate

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressman Steny Hoyer says he will seek
assurances from incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she won't
retaliate against his supporters after he won the chamber's number-two leadership post.

Hoyer insists there's "no bad blood" with Pelosi after she publicly supported John Murtha for the job of House majority leader. And he tells A-B-C's "This Week" that he's confident Pelosi will not punish House colleagues who voted 149-to-86 last week to make Hoyer the majority leader when Democrats take control in January.

When asked whether Pelosi had made promises not to retaliate by
denying choice committee assignments, Hoyer replied, "We're going
to talk about that."

Hoyer is seeking to play down any personal differences or ill will, noting that the he and Pelosi have worked together in the House Democratic leadership for many years.

Brazos Valley Congressman Chet Edwards was among the Democrats voting for Hoyer.