Aggie Bonfire Lit Yet Again

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Once again, the Aggie Bonfire went up in flames. Tuesday night marked the fifth off-campus event, and the first in Robertson County after the much-publicized happenings between students and Brazos County.

But it was another evening that students and attendees thought made the Aggie spirit shine bright.

It was the kind of night many Texans might want to sit in front of a roaring fire. This one took a little fuel...a thousand logs worth.

"I'm extremely proud of all the workers, the crews that came out here early on the weekend and stayed up late, especially the last couple of weeks working on these things," said Jack Shallock, a senior red pot.

The tradition may be student organized, off-campus, and with a smaller stack, but the passion remains, and is evident from the lighting of torches, to the senior red pots' march around the stack, to the lighting itself, and a fast one at that. It took about 20 seconds to reach from the sheets to the skies.

The forested backroads of Robertson County led hundreds to witness yet another student-led event. Since 2002, the group, unaffiliated with the university, has continued lighting stacks, leading yell practices, and furthering a tradition that those who attend say needs to go on.

"It's fun to drive out here," said Kim Register, a first-time attendee of Bonfire whose brother went to many. "We're actually way out in the woods, but I think it'll be a fun experience for everyone."

"It's fun to see what they've been working on and see it go up," said Courtney Brinegar, another first-timer who had a friend among the near-1,000 who worked on stack.

"It symbolizes our unity and our tradition, and it holds everything together," said Brinegar's friend, Kathy McKnight. "For the students to come out here and keep this going means so much to all of us."

Things do look a little different from the Bonfire of years ago, but for organizers and attendees alike, this stack is something all-to-familiar, and all too comforting.

The Robertson County Sheriff's Office reports no major incidents as a result of Tuesday night's event.