Fans Revel in Aggies' Austin Win

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Aggies across the Brazos Valley were glued to the screen Friday afternoon watching the Lonestar Showdown game, including at one local establishment where Aggies also prevailed in number of fans.

Whenever there's a major sporting event, you'll find the sports bars packed. That was no different Friday as Texas A&M and UT hooked up.

"Aggies always have a crowd regardless of wherever they go," said Eddie Archibeque. "They have a good camaraderie, so I think it's good."

Forget Black Friday. The only shopping on this afternoon was for a game-day snack and a win.

"I didn't think there would be as many people," said Kathy Baca from the Fox and Hound Pub. "I thought most people would stay at home and watch it because it's a holiday."

But the Thanksgiving tryptophan didn't keep Ags asleep for the biggest game of the year.

"I was here at 10 o'clock, and there was a line out waiting, so we were in line and waiting," said Chad Green, another Aggie fan. "It's definitely a good crowd so far."

"I kind of figured this much," said Kelley Kavanaugh of the crowd at the bar. "I was kind of wondering where we'd go today to find some space to watch it on TV. When we got here, we kind of got a good table and everything, and then it started to fill up. I bet this is what it looks like all over town."

And it was a mass of maroon and white. With the game being held in burnt orange country, there wasn't a huge UT contingent.

"Even if there were Longhorns in here I don't think people would be mean to them or rude or anything like that," said Baca.

Indeed, the Fox and the Hound is known to be a friendly place to rival fans, including what may have been the lone wearer of Longhorn apparel, Fred Revilla, raised in the Twin Cities, but amazingly, a UT fan.

Asked if he had received any dirty looks, Revilla said, "There's quite a few when I do walk into a place, yes.

"I don't dislike A&M, but I just prefer UT a little more," he added. "Either way, it's a Texas team, so I support them still."

But prognosticators wearing Aggie colors made a bold call:

"They've really been pushing, I think everyone's going to be very, very surprised today when they see a win for the Aggies over Texas," said Archibeque.

Prophecy fulfilled.