Brazos Valley Residents Hit The Stores

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Swarms of eager shoppers staked out stores overnight and showed up at parking lots in the wee hours of the morning.

Brazos Valley stores were ready for Black Friday and they too got an early jump to the holiday shopping season.

Target Store Team Leader, Chuck Simmons said, his store opened a six o'clock Friday morning and the crowd was waiting for the doors to open. The Bear Mill also opened at six to accommodate crowds.

Shoppers were out looking for great deals on the most wanted items for the people on their list. Kim Culberson, the owner of The Bear Mill at Post Oak Mall, said right now there are three animals that seem to be popular with the kids. "Our unicorn is probably our favorite for the girls," Culberson said. "For our boys is the horse or the gorilla."

Over at Target the hot items were toys and electronics. Chuck Simmons said, "We had some TVs at very low prices and toys at very low prices and most of those are gone already."

Accustomed to the crowds following the day after Thanksgiving, Simmons noticed a difference this year from last year. What he noticed is a difference in the amount of customers at the store during the early, early hours. "Quite a bit more people than we've seen in the past," Simmons said.

Masses of people flooded stores Friday morning and all of them had to find parking spaces. So, what would make so many people get up and go out the day after Thanksgiving? Holiday shopper, Emily Day said her reason was all the great sales. Concord resident, Cheryl Lagrone's reason, "It's our holiday tradition, and my family is here visiting and we always come shopping the day after Thanksgiving. "

To make it more bearable some shoppers decide to hit the sales a little later. Emily Day's morning shopping started after sleeping in until nine. Consumers who wanted to shop and avoid the hustle and bustle of traffic and people did so by shopping online. In fact, E-shoppers can take advantage of the same sales going on in stores while being offered exclusive special savings on internet only sale prices.

Regardless of when you shop, retailers have found ways to make sure the day after Thanksgiving is as merry as possible. By the number of shoppers out and about it seems they succeeded. Shoppers like Linda Jackson from Dimebox were looking for all of Black Friday's sales and they weren't ready to go home. When asked if she was going home after leaving one retail store she said, "Not yet. I'm still going somewhere else."