Convicted Killer Faces Intense Scrutiny Upon Release

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HOUSTON (AP) - The state's first convicted murderer to be tried under an obscure law designed to identify dangerous sexual predators will face strict treatment guidelines after his release from prison next year.

Wesley Wayne Miller is nearing the end of a 25-year prison sentence.

Miller was convicted for the 1982 murder of 18-year-old Retha Stratton. She was stabbed 38 times after refusing his sexual advances.

A Montgomery County jury recently decided that Miller, 44, was someone who would probably commit the same crime again.

The civil commitment trial came under the Sexually Violent Predator Act.

Miller is scheduled to be released from prison September 30. He will then be subject to involuntary outpatient treatment while he lives in a halfway house.

If he fails to comply with treatment or violates any condition of his release, he could go back to prison for 25 years to life.

Miller's release from treatment will depend on a judge's ruling based on examinations every two years.

The predator law went into effect in 2000, and 442 sex offenders have been referred for treatment but only 69 have been committed.

Previously, sex offenders were eligible for prosecution under the statute only if they were convicted of sexual crimes against strangers.

Miller became eligible when lawmakers last year expanded the law to include sexually motivated murder and burglary with sexual intent.