Cyber Monday

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The holiday shopping rush which kicked off with "Black Friday" continued on Monday.

After braving the crowds on "Black Friday", many shoppers are ready to sit back and make their purchases via the internet.

"Cyber Monday" or the Monday after Thanksgiving, has become one of the largest online shopping days of the year.

The day has become the electronic equivalent of "Black Friday" and it has many shoppers sitting down at their computers to click on their purchases.

"People buy on Cyber Monday. The thinking is that they're away for the holidays, or they're home, and then all of a sudden they're back at work on Monday and a lot of the Internet access in the workplace is much faster," said Cheryl Bridges of the Texas A&M Center for Retailing Studies.

As shoppers log on, and surf Internet sites to make their holiday purchases, the online retail industry continues to prosper.

"Monday morning they were running 3.3 million visitors a minute, so their expecting about 61 billion people to visit the website and possibly make a purchase," said Bridges.

Bridges believes those numbers are incredible given the 137 million shoppers who turned out at stores on "Black Friday".

The ease and availability of the Internet is the biggest online shopping incentive.

"It's easy and I can do that at two in the morning, if that's when I have time," said holiday shopper, Jovonna Ivester.

However, some holiday shoppers say they prefer the "old fashion" way of shopping.

"I am a hands-on type of fellow. I would rather see what I'm actually getting, rather than seeing a picture," said shopper, Joel Withem.

Carrie Chesboro said,"You can get a lot more sales if you go to the stores, and you can use coupons."

So whether shoppers choose to shop online or in the stores, one thing is clear, it is the season to spend spend spend.