Male Birth Control in the Works

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Women usually carry most of the responsibility for preventing an unwanted pregnancy, but scientists at Kings College in London are trying to make birth control more equal.

If it works, the birth control would not hinder sexual satisfaction.
It could be taken two hours before intercourse and it would wear off in 24 hours.

"They noticed two drugs already on the market, one used for psychiatric reasons and another used to control blood pressure, had the side effect of preventing ejaculation," Dr. Emily Senay with CBS News said. "So, they set about trying to figure out exactly what it was about these drugs that was doing it. They found these drugs inhibit a smooth muscle in the male reproductive track that is responsible for this."

Unlike other tested forms of birth control, the medication would not be hormonal.

"All the pressure has been on women to have them control the population," College Station resident Erik Saucedo said. "Now the pressure kind of falls towards men too."

"I wouldn't trust guys to be responsible enough to take it," Jenny Miller, a College Station resident said.

The birth control has been tested on human tissue, but there have been no human trials.
Developers hope to have a marketable form ready in the next five years.

"I'm sure some guys would take it," College Station Resident Hannah Zwicke said. "But not the average guy. I think he would say it's a woman's responsibility."

But if a man is willing, it seems women are ready to take a break and put their men in charge.