Offer Made to Ease Road Woes

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For many people buying a new home is a dream come true.
But for some residents of Hunter's Creek subdivision that dream has turned into a huge headache.

Although the subdivision is relatively new, the roads are in need of repair.
But, the private roads have been neglected by the developer and the roads do not qualify for county upkeep.

"There's about a two year waiting period for the roads to be accepted by the county and there's a waiting period to see how the roads hold up," said Brazos County Commissioner Kenny Mallard. "And then into that two year period, the county gives a list of additions and corrections that need to be done to the road in order for us to assume that road as a county road."

Mallard says this information is nothing new to the developer of Hunter's Creek, but no action has been taken.

Help however, may be on the way, the Brazos County Commissioners agreed Monday to offer the residents a deal.

"We can assume that road as long as the people in that subdivision vote in the majority to let the county take over the road and then we will bill the subdivision owners the lot owners back for the cost,"said Mallard.

A cost which some residents feel should have been covered by the developer.

"We're going to have to foot the bill for the repairs of the road and it's going to cost us like $500 per lot to actually have it done and I don't feel like that is our responsibility," said resident, Norman Norman.

The roads need to be repaired and some cracks in the asphalt are 1 inch to 1.5 inches wide and are allowing water to seep in.

"It will start washing up the base of the roads and hydro-static pressure will start lifting parts of the asphalt and it won't take long to deteriorate from there," said Norman.

One resident feels the promises made to him before buying his lot have be unfulfilled.

"The developer just hasn't kept his word to us as far as I am concerned," said Norman.