Madisonville Group Calls for Police Chief Change

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As expected the Concerned Citizens of Madisonville group made its biggest demand yet Tuesday night.

"Due to the recent comments of our police chief, George Sweetin, we are asking for his resignation," said Derrick Burns, a speaker for the CCM.

Before Tuesday night's city council meeting, the CCM gathered outside Madisonville City Hall to call for the resignation of Sweetin, who recently said he did not take stock in their claims of racial profiling.

Sweetin told News 3 back on November 14 that 75 percent of those he saw complaining had criminal records. But members of the CCM say those comments show the chief is unable to treat residents fairly.

"We believe that the way this community has been policed is unfair," said Kenavon Carter with HipHop Against Brutality, "and it's not unfair for just black people, but it's unfair for Hispanics, unfair for white folks in the community, too."

Carter said HipHop Against Brutality and the Texas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union were in support of the CCM and their calls for Sweetin's resignation.

The city council said nothing of Sweetin's remarks or job status, even after numerous residents spoke out against Sweetin during the citizen's remarks portion of the city council meeting.

The council did discuss the other demands of the CCM during their meeting. The group will likely take votes on the three demands at their next council meeting, which is set for December 12.

Chief Sweetin had no comment on any of the proceedings, but has maintained in the past that his department does not and has not profiled.