Bats Infest College Station Business

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Halloween may have come and gone, but the bats have stuck around.
One Brazos Valley business has been bombarded with the furry creatures.

Taekwondo USA, off of Harvey Road in College Station, has closed its doors for now because of the infestation.

"They were just everywhere," Frank Haislip, owner of Taekwondo USA said. "There were dozens and dozens of bats in here."

Haislip first noticed the problem before Thanksgiving.

"There was just one bat in here and I opened the doors to let the bat escape," Haislip said. "But after a couple of hours he didn't leave and I locked up for the Thanksgiving holiday."

But one bat soon became dozens.
There's no telling how long these bats have been in the building.
Experts from Texas A&M can only guess.

"Most of them come through in October, but as long as there is still warm weather we'll still have bats here," Mike Smotherman, a Biology professor at Texas A&M University said.

Faculty and students from Texas A&M were called in to help remove the bats.

"They like big spaces where they can arrive with a few hundred of their closest friends," Smotherman said.

Within an hour they were able to net and contain about one hundred.

"We locked the doors and we've had no classes all week long," Haislip said.

Taekwondo USA plans to disinfect the building and re-open, depending on the bats.