A Trip Back To Camp Hearne

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A special meeting took place Wednesday morning in Hearne. During that meeting, Carl Bruns, a former German Prisoner, met Bobby Sullivan, a former prison guard. Both men lived at Camp Hearne for some time during World War II.

"I enjoyed visiting with him," Sullivan said. "We didn't have too much in common except he was here and I was here."

Sullivan was at Camp Hearne for only six months and never met Bruns while he was there. So as they talked, the men attempted to find out if they had any mutual acquaintances. Photographs along with other articles in the Camp Hearne exhibit allowed both men to take a trip back in time.

"This was an emotional situation for me," said an overwhelmed Bruns.

Wednesday was the first time Bruns had returned to Hearne since leaving the prison camp back in 1945. At the time, when he learned he was going to Texas, he had no idea Hearne existed.

Despite not knowing about the city's existence beforehand, Hearne was his home for four years while he was imprisoned at the camp. And although he was a prisoner of war, Bruns says he was fortunate to have been sent to Camp Hearne.

"We were better off than many others," Bruns said.

The former prisoner and former guard each took time to look at the exhibit. They came to the same conclusion: the Camp Hearne exhibit shows a great deal of work and preserves a part of American and Texas history, as well as part of their life history.