The Heat is On: Tips for Starting Your Heater

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Here are a few tips courtesy of Ronnie Droddy with Barker's Heating and Cooling as the Brazos Valley prepares for the arrival of winter weather. It may be the first time people turn their heaters on in quite some time, so there are some things to be aware of when turning up the heat.

1. Make sure the air filter is clean
Without a clean filter, it affects the flow of your air, so the heater might malfunction, catch fire, or become damaged to the point that it needs replacing.

2. There could be a smell at first, but it shouldn't last
If the smell does last, check and clean the filter. If it is clean and the smell is still there, call a service technician.

3. Test for carbon monoxide if you have a gas or propane heater
Have a qualified service company out to service the heater before it is started up. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector in the home, one with a display of the levels.

4. Don't be concerned if the heater doesn't start up immediately
If it has a pilot that stays lit, it probably won't light properly on the first try. Instead of calling a service company, be patient and try again in a little bit. If after five or ten minutes it won't come on, then make that call.